What is Veganism and what are it's benefits?

Veganism is a way of life where the person keeps away from the use of animal products both in diet and in other forms or commodities. This person is therefore known as a vegan. Vegans understand that the world would be a better place if one exercised respect and compassion. This Ultimate Guide to Going Vegan will open your eyes to a world of great possibilities when getting to this plant-based lifestyle. The benefits realized will last a lifetime.
How many vegans are there around the world? It is easier to count the number of vegetarians worldwide than to particularly pinpoint how many people are purely vegan. The number of vegans is growing ever year, there are about 10 million in the world. This is a very insignificant number compared to the 430 million vegetarians worldwide according to the estimate data obtained from major countries between 2003 and 2016.
The search term ‘Vegan’ in Google Trends graph between 2004 and 2017
It is evident that people are becoming more interested in the…

Caroline, the beauty queen

Look before you leap. Those were the very words Michael, Caroline’s dad said to her before she left the house that morning. As usual, she did not pay much attention to him. Throwing every caution to the wind, she went about her day without much care of what she was doing and how it was affecting others. Toward the end of the day, she saw a tall, dark, handsome young man get out of a black Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. She admired him. As she was standing there starring, their eyes met. Their chemistry was impeccable.  Driven by passion, it was more of lust, they quickly exchanged their contacts and within minutes, they had done the forbidden act. Caroline had formed the habit of sleeping around with men. It did not matter who the man was or how long they had known each other.
She returned home that evening feeling like she had conquered that day. Darien noticed that her sister was happier than usual that evening. She wanted Caroline to share her joy with her. As soon as Caroline start…

Who murdered Smith?

Who murdered Smith in this causation puzzle? "Three men, Brown, Jones and Smith were walking in the desert. One night, Brown poisons the water in Smith's water bottle. Later that night, Jones drills a hole in Smith's water bottle. The next day, Smith dies of thirst."

Dale E. Miller Faculty Member, Philosophy and Religious StudiesOld Dominion University Suppose that before Smith had swallowed any water Jones had shot him. In that case, I think, it would be obvious that while Brown attempted to kill Smith, Jones did in fact kill him. This case, I think, is fundamentally the same as that one. The fact that both attempts were via Smith's canteen is a red herring. Perhaps Brown is as blameworthy as Jones, but he did not kill Smith.
Ro SmithGraduate Student,Philosophy,University of York Brown attempts murder, but it is Jones who murders him. Brown's murderous action was not to depreive Smith of drinking water, it was to poison his drinking water. This would probabl…

Family Secrets

It was one summer morning; beautiful and lovely. Everyone was happy sitting at the breakfast table. Sharon was however not happy, and she suddenly burst out, “Mum am pregnant!”  Everyone was startled. You see, Sharon was one of the best behaved girls and she did not even have a boyfriend. At least that is what they all thought. The news of her being pregnant was not received well by her parents.
Her mother was horrified and decided that they should get rid of it. As usual, Sharon did not want to go against her mother and so, she went ahead and terminated the pregnancy. She continued with her studies and that incident was kept as a deep family secret. She later forgot about it and even got married to a successful businessman. Everything was going on well for her. She had a beautiful family, business was doing great and her two children, Janice and James were adorable.
Years later, at the breakfast table one summer morning, Janice announced to the awe of everyone, “Am pregnant!”
“What …

How to get more traffic to your articles?

There is one thing that you as a writer should never under estimate. Never think that your old articles are useless. They are as good as the new ones.You just need a proper strategy to monetize them. Here we are just going to discuss some of those strategies that can help boost traffic as well as revenue for you. I hope you guys seriously follow them:
1) Quality: This is the very important factor for any kind of article to gain mass traffic. Remember that nobody will read your article and recommend it to others if it is not properly written and if it is not to the point. Apart from this always ensure that your article is fresh, original, in proper English, free of all the spelling and grammatical errors and properly cited. 
2) Promotion: Once you have written your article, it is time to promote it. Now there are two types of promotions: long term promotion and instant promotion. Instant promotion as the name suggests gains you good amount of visitors in a short period of time using the…

SEO is the key to Success for Social Networking

SEO is of two types: On-site SEO & Off-site SEO. There are certain factors which measures the peak of your SEO:  articles
1) TITLE: Make sure you give proper and complete title to your article. The title should clearly express the body of your article. You should include important keywords (i.e. topics included in your article) in the title of your article so that search engines get better idea of what is inside your
1) QUALITY: By quality, we simply mean writing a good piece of article with no room for grammar, spelling and formatting errors. Your article should clearly talks of the topic it has been written about i.e. it should smartly match up with the TITLE of your article. And your article should be longer enough to accommodate all the information concerned with that topic. It is necessary that you highlight important keywords/phrases/terms/queries in the body of your article so that search
engines could lay more emphasizes on those terms. Make sure that your articles…

How Thailand Is Moving Toward a Digital-First Economy

According to Wikipedia, Digital economy refers to an economy that is based on digital computing technologies, although we increasingly perceive this as conducting business through markets based on the internet and the World Wide Web. The digital economy is also sometimes called the Internet Economy, New Economy, or Web Economy.
India has made waves since the government decided to remove about 86% of the country’s currency notes by value from circulation in 2016. There are other countries embracing the digital economy and Thailand is not being left behind.
Thailand is significantly developing and the country is ready to make the leap to a digital-first economy. The government in Thailand knows that supporting a new online economy starts with building a solid technological infrastructure, and in recent years, Thailand has invested millions of dollars in making internet accessible (Thailand Board of Investment, 2017, June 21). It is thus not surprising that co-working already is a popular …